My Favorite Customer and His Creations---Michael Agee


As of this writing, Michael has lived 38 well-managed years.  My interaction with this remarkable young man began a few years ago in Lexington, Kentucky at the Contemporary Longrifle Association signature show. I was immediately impressed with his kind, humble demeanor, and his obvious devotion to his young, handsome family who all made their appearance at my table.  Michael inspected my brain tan and as I recall making a purchase before the show’s close.

Over the years my respect for Michael has only grown.  He has remained a loyal customer, sending many others my way and purchased skins at the show for commissioned pieces.   I think our relationship has benefited us both!

Michael’s skill set is massive and quite broad (see Muzzleloader Magazine, May/June 2017). Michael’s love of history began as a child and eventually led to his career path as a high school history teacher where his passions play’s out daily in the classroom.  I have read student comments on Facebook and they LOVE this guy!

Michael’s love for research has led to carefully constructed historical items covering a wide range of objects including knives, clothing, brain tanned coats and his specialty, the fur-felt hat.  They are exquisite! Michael has packed a lot of production into his passion while managing a family, teaching, and a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

I am privileged to know and to have provided a bit of raw material for Michael’s creative genius.  This remarkable artist and craftsman can be reached at 615-785-5867 or at

Neal Armstrong