My Biggest Fan and the Kalamazoo Show


At the annual Kalamazoo Living history Show.  This incredible lady has borne the burden of my crazy passions for more years than I dare count. She’s maintained faith in my talent when there seemed scant reason for me to do so. I wouldn’t be able to build and create and market the pieces that people love without her vision. I love this woman! Jackie…you have made me a better man!

It’s the first trade show of my business year and was the first show of my professional life.  I love this show every year! This will be our ninth vendor appearance marketing brain tanned deer and painted elk robes.  This is a wonderful show for the whole family. Two hundred and seventy vendors all in period dress spanning the eighteenth and nineteenth century.  The show is always re-themed each year and lectures are scheduled. Visitors often arrive in period clothing, food is available, and so many vendors are available that visitors do themselves a disservice by not arriving early.  Oh, and come with a little “walking around” money. There is much affordable here, including graphic art, chocolate-covered coffee beans, historical weaponry of all sorts, wall-hanging artisanal works and all sorts of clothing. The scope of the product is somewhat overwhelming. Amazing!

Overall, my favorite part of this show is being surrounded by smart people that really know and love history, and meeting the curious.  Especially exciting the young who linger at my table to ask questions. What a blast! Then there are the repeat customers whose become friends and dropping by to show off the products they’ve crafted from their previous year’s purchase.

I would encourage all readers of this blog to plan on attending the 2019 show and stop by our tables in the large central room.  Just come in the main doors and follow your nose to our freshly smoked pile of skins. We can’t wait to see you!

Neal Armstrong