Friend and Customer, Larry Horrigan


My friend, Larry Horrigan, is one of those rare people. Larry has been a passionate student of history and re-enactor for decades. This photo shows Larry being measured for a magnificent brain tanned Metis’ coat that is being crafted by superb artists Jan Zender and Rochelle Dale. The final product will be covered with naturally dyed porcupine quill embroidery.  It is becoming an absolute masterpiece. The quality of this piece is emblematic of Larry’s passion for all things eighteenth-century.

Larry’s passions and skill set are varied, as are the richness and depth of his historical experiences. Larry has crafted bark canoes and spent much time paddling his way through the Great Lakes. He’s a fixture at some of the largest eighteenth century reenactments in the Midwest. He’s served as historical consultant for early French fort archaeological excavations for firearm identification. His knowledge of early French small arms is astonishing and prompted his eventual successful foray into French small arms gun barrel manufacturing. This seems to be a dominant strand woven through Larry’s life experience. He can build almost anything and will pay the price to learn the processes. From bows to covered bridges, cabins, sugar shacks, primitive canoes, and early European small arms, Larry has lived his passionate pursuit of history.

For those looking for classic eighteenth-century French firearms with patina and attention to historical detail; I strongly recommend my friend Larry as a master artist and artisan.  He can be reached at 269-793-3265 or at

Neal Armstrong