Royal Rider


The image is that of a distinguished warrior bearing a calumet (ceremonial pipe).  This is my rendition of a figure found on the Grand Robe, a plains buffalo robe painting presently housed (I believe) in the Metropolitan Museum. I was instantly struck by the grandeur of the original and sought to make it my own by changing a few details and enriching the colors.  I began by free-handing an image of the original onto thin copy paper and producing a functional stencil. I then laid the stencil on the leather and made tiny connectable dots along the entire perimeter that were later connected, I chose much cleaner lines than the original, deleted color on the horse and rider and chose a very dark, bold earth pigment for the headdress.  The resultant deletions and very dark black currant red created what I believe to be a very dramatic, stark, and respectful rendering of this fine fellow. He appears nearly knight-like and must have been an intriguing chap. He carries both a pipe often used in discussions with others and sports a human scalp dangling from his horse’s bridle. I think he’s fascinating. Don’t you agree?

Jamie DionneLeather, tan, Brain, free hand