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Who We Are

Primitive Creations is not just another brain tanning site, valuable though they are. We are at once both a story AND a source of beautiful brain tanned deer and elk. For us the story leads and empowers what we do here...

Our Product & Pricing

My skins are largely wet-scraped. Some of the thicker, larger elk are sometimes dry-scraped. The hides are then tanned with brains and smoked with a variety of woods. Colors vary widely, ranging from very light to rather dark...

Who Is Neal?

I am essentially a one-man operation specializing in the production of high quality brain-tanned deer and elk. On a smaller scale, I also paint deer and elk hides using Native American techniques and traditional earth pigments and hide-glue binders. This is an oil and acrylic-free zone.

Contact Us

If you would like/need to contact me presently then please do so at 616-293-5884. Thank you for your patience during this period of growth... Neal

I stopped at your table at the Kalamazoo Show to check out your buckskin. Thirty some years of buckskinning and historical reenacting and you have some of the best skins I have ever seen. The quality is excellent, super for clothing or bags and beading. Keep up the great work. John Turner (Two Hole John)